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CS Unitec

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  • CS Unitec
  • This powerful wet diamond core drill is designed for fast, accurate drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete and other masonry materials. Use it hand-held up to 3" diameter or mounted in a drill stand up to 6" diameter.
  • The hydraulic motor operates at 2000 PSI oil pressure. The required flow is 6 GPM. Additional flow is automatically by-passed back to the tank up to a maximum input of 13 GPM.
  • The hydraulic core drill incorporates a safety slip clutch and water swivel. 5/8" x 11 UNC and 1-1/4" x 7 UNC and G 1/2" connecting threads are standard.

CS Unitec 3.6 HP 6" Hydraulic Core Drill 2 1317 0030

CS2 1317 0030

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