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RIDGID DVDPak SeeSnake 5.7" LCD Monitor & Recording 32673

Product Information

  • 5.7" LCD - 320x240
  • Run Corded or cordless
  • Lightweight and Small design makes carrying your tools to the job site and stowing your monitor easier than ever.
  • Exceptional DVD Burning Reliability takes the question out of what DVDs to use, and how to finalize correctly.
  • Fully Weatherized Design lets you take the DVDPak into whatever situation you may run into.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Power allows you to record inspections regardless of the availability of AC Power.
  • New Integrated Line Trace Feature lets you trace the push cable with your RIDGID locator (requires transmitter)
  • Does not include battery or charger

RIDGID DVDPak2 SeeSnake 5.7" LCD Monitor & Recording 32673


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