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Diamond DS3011

Product Information

  • Diamond Products
  • Rugged, hand-operated 12 inch platform that grinds, hones and polishes concrete surfaces.
  • Uses 3 diamond polishing pads or cup wheels 5"
  • Operates wet or dry (with use of optional cowl).
  • 'Planetary', gear-driven tool.
  • 12 inch platform turns at a lower rate than the higher rotational speed (> 2000 rpm) of the 5 inch platens.
  • This rpm speed provides the best speed for diamond polishing, producing a perfect finish 5 times faster than a single head polisher.
  • Unit is powered by a heavy duty FEIN variable speed polisher.
  • Center coolant feed.
  • Precision bearings.
  • Sturdy construction

Diamond DS3011 Planetary Hand Polisher 3x 5" Heads 32947


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