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Bosch SDS-MAX - Drills, Chisels, Core Bits

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Bosch SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

Bosch SDS-Max Thru-Hole Bits
Bull Point
Bosch SDS-max 18" Bull Point HS1914Regular Price: $24.27
On Sale For: $13.34 
Bull Point
Bosch SDS-max 18" Bull Point (25 PACK) HS1914B25Regular Price: $581.00
On Sale For: $319.55 
Bull Point
Bosch SDS-max Bull Point (20 PACK) HS1913B20Regular Price: $358.60
On Sale For: $269.00 
Bushing Tool
Bosch SDS-max Bushing Tool, one piece HS1909Regular Price: $80.04
On Sale For: $44.02 
Scaling Chisel
Bosch SDS-max RTEC Scaling Chisel HS1916Regular Price: $27.80
On Sale For: $15.29 
Slotting Tool
Bosch SDS-max RTEC Slotting Tool HS1921Regular Price: $40.18
On Sale For: $22.09 
Star Point Chisel
Bosch SDS-max Star Point Chisel Twist Self-Sharping HS1936Regular Price: $27.82
On Sale For: $15.30 
Wide Scaling Chisel
Bosch SDS-max Wide Scaling Chisel Self-Sharping HS1917Regular Price: $31.49
On Sale For: $17.31 
Flat Chisel
Bosch SDS-max 1x18" Flat Chisel HS1912Regular Price: $24.27
On Sale For: $13.35 
Flat Chisel
Bosch SDS-max 1x18" Flat Chisel (25 PACK) HS1912B25Regular Price: $581.00
On Sale For: $319.55 
Flat Chisel
Bosch SDS-max 1x12" Flat Chisel HS1911Regular Price: $18.71
On Sale For: $10.29 
Flat Chisel
Bosch SDS-max 1x12" Flat Chisel (20 PACK) HS1911B20Regular Price: $358.60
On Sale For: $269.00 
Asphalt Cutter
Bosch 4-1/2 In. x 17 In. Clay Spade SDS-max Hammer Steel HS1922Regular Price: $94.33
On Sale For: $66.03 
Asphalt Cutter
Bosch SDS-max Asphalt Cutter HS1906Regular Price: $121.09
On Sale For: $66.59 
Flat Chisel
Bosch SDS-max Flat Chisel Self-Sharping HS1935Regular Price: $20.61
On Sale For: $11.33 
Floor Scraper
Bosch SDS-max Floor Scraper HS1918Regular Price: $424.87
On Sale For: $233.67 
Ground Rod Driver
Bosch SDS-max Ground Rod Driver HS1924Regular Price: $110.31
On Sale For: $60.67 
Bosch SDS-max RTEC Gouge HS1929Regular Price: $65.27
On Sale For: $35.89 
Tile Chisel
Bosch SDS-max 2" Tile Chisel HS1915Regular Price: $39.04
On Sale For: $21.47 
Scaling Chisel
Bosch SDS-max 3" Scaling Chisel HS1910Regular Price: $36.91
On Sale For: $22.14 
Round Spade
Bosch SDS-max RTEC Round Spade HS1926Regular Price: $96.09
On Sale For: $52.84 
Winged Channel Chisel
Bosch SDS-max Winged Channel Chisel HS1928Regular Price: $97.71
On Sale For: $53.74 
Tamper Plate Shank
Bosch SDS-max Tamper Plate Shank HS1927Regular Price: $50.58
On Sale For: $27.81 
Tamper Plate
Bosch SDS-max Tamper Plate HS1828Regular Price: $120.97
On Sale For: $66.53 

Bosch carbide-tipped SDS-Max rotary hammer masonry drill bits feature tips that stay sharper longer and deliver more holes within their ANSI specification than competitors' bits. Also, Bosch shafts wear at a much slower rate than most others and can take more abuse because of Bosch's technologically advanced conditioning process.For the toughest masonry and concrete drilling with long service life. Fits all SDS-Max drive hammers.