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Bosch 17 Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Plumbers Kit HB17PLRegular Price: $161.32
On Sale For: $99.98 

Bosch 19 Piece Bi-Metal Electrician Hole Saw Kit HB19ELRegular Price: $139.68
On Sale For: $89.98 
Bosch Hole Saw Kit
Bosch 25 Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Master Kit HB25MRegular Price: $181.21
On Sale For: $109.99 

Bosch 11 Piece Diamond Hole Saw Kit HDG11Regular Price: $399.51
On Sale For: $239.70 
Bosch Hole Saw
Bosch 3 Piece Thin Metal Hole Saw Kit HTWSRegular Price: $61.07
On Sale For: $45.80 

Bosch 7 Piece Diamond Hole Saw Kit HDG7Regular Price: $269.42
On Sale For: $161.65 
Bosch Hole Saw Kit
Bosch 8 Piece Carbide Hole Saw Kit HTC8PCRegular Price: $402.58
On Sale For: $241.54 

Bosch 8 Piece Bi-Metal Quick Change Hole Saw Kit HBUSKITRegular Price: $59.02
On Sale For: $39.99 

Bosch hole saws feature the quick change system which allows you to very quickly change sizes of hole saws using a single mandrel which fits and 3/8" chuck. The system works with Bi-Metal or Carbide Hole Saws and will actually work with most other brands of hole saws as well using the universal conversion kit.