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Jet Woodworking Lathes

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starter wood lathe
Jet 1015 10" x 15" Wood Lathe 719100Regular Price: $576.00
On Sale For: $480.94 
starter wood lathe
Jet 1015VS 10" x 15" Variable Speed Wood Lathe 719110Regular Price: $696.00
On Sale For: $580.94 
midi lathe bed extension
Jet JWL-1221VS Bed Extension 719201Regular Price: $239.00
On Sale For: $199.94 
Jet JWL-1221VS Midi-Lathe Woodworking Lathe 719200Regular Price: $960.00
On Sale For: $800.94 
midi lathe stand
Jet JWL-1221VS Stand 719202Regular Price: $418.00
On Sale For: $348.94 
midi lathe stand extension
Jet JWL-1221VS Stand Extension 719203Regular Price: $128.00
On Sale For: $107.94 
Jet JWL-1236 12" x 36" Woodworking Lathe 708352Regular Price: $1,149.99
On Sale For: $919.99 
wood lathe
Jet JWL-1440VS 14" x 40" Benchtop Wood Lathe 719400Regular Price: $1,560.00
On Sale For: $1,300.93 
wood lathe
Jet JWL-1440VSK 14" x 40" Wood Lathe w/ Legs 719400KRegular Price: $1,920.00
On Sale For: $1,600.94 
Jet JWL-1442VSK 14" x 42" Woodworking Lathe 708358KRegular Price: $1,787.49
On Sale For: $1,429.99 
Jet JWL-1642EVS 16" x 42" 115V Input Woodworking Lathe 708359Regular Price: $2,816.00
On Sale For: $2,345.93 
Jet JWL-1642EVS-2 16" x 42" 230V Input Woodworking Lathe 708360Regular Price: $3,183.00
On Sale For: $2,650.93 

Precision manufactured to meet the demands of even the highest volume shop, JET's extensive selection of turning machines enable experts to choose the lathes they need for any turning operation. Premier customer support and professional manuals ensure optimal functioning and operation.