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Bosch Rotary Hammer Drills & Breakers

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Bosch Brute Breaker
Bosch Brute Demolition Breaker 1-1/8" Hex Basic Kit BH2760VCBRegular Price: $2,932.00
On Sale For: $1,499.95 
Bosch Brute Turbo
Bosch Brute Turbo Demolition Breaker 1-1/8" Hex Deluxe Kit BH2770VCDRegular Price: $3,453.00
On Sale For: $1,799.94 
inline demo hammer
Bosch SDS-Max 15AMP Inline Demolition Hammer DH1020VCRegular Price: $1,715.00
On Sale For: $899.94 
sds max hammer
Bosch 1-9/16" SDS-max 12AMP Combination Rotary Hammer RH540MRegular Price: $790.00
On Sale For: $419.94 
spline hammer
Bosch 1-9/16" Spline 12AMP Combination Rotary Hammer RH540SRegular Price: $790.00
On Sale For: $419.94 
sds-max combination hammer
Bosch 1-3/4" SDS-max 13.5AMP Combination Hammer RH745Regular Price: $1,348.00
On Sale For: $729.94 
SDS-Max Rotary Hammer
Bosch 1-7/8" SDS-Max 13.5AMP Combination Rotary Hammer RH850VCRegular Price: $1,550.00
On Sale For: $799.95 
Bosch SDS-Max Demolition Hammer DH507
Bosch SDS-Max 10AMP Demolition Hammer DH507Regular Price: $797.00
On Sale For: $439.95 
Bosch Hammer Drill
Bosch SDS-Max 14.5AMP Demolition Hammer DH712VCRegular Price: $1,334.00
On Sale For: $729.95 
Bosch SDS-Plus Hammer
Bosch 1-1/4" SDS-Plus 8.5AMP Rotary Hammer Drill RH432VCQRegular Price: $795.00
On Sale For: $419.95 
Bosch Bulldog SDS Plus
Bosch 1-1/8" BULLDOG Xtreme Max SDS-Plus 8AMP Rotary Hammer Drill RH228VCRegular Price: $479.00
On Sale For: $259.95 
Bosch SDS-Plus Hammer
Bosch 1-1/8" SDS-Plus 8AMP Rotary Hammer Drill RH328VCRegular Price: $526.00
On Sale For: $299.95 
Bosch Bulldog SDS Plus
Bosch 1" BULLDOG Xtreme SDS-Plus 7.2AMP Rotary Hammer Drill 11255VSRRegular Price: $378.00
On Sale For: $199.95 
Bosch SDS-Max Demo Hammer
Bosch SDS-Max 14AMP Demolition Hammer 11316EVSRegular Price: $1,487.00
On Sale For: $749.94 
Bosch SDS-Max Demo Hammer
Bosch SDS-Max 13AMP Demolition Hammer 11321EVSRegular Price: $1,046.00
On Sale For: $549.95 

Bosch 2" SDS-max 14AMP Combination Rotary Hammer 11245EVSRegular Price: $1,814.00
On Sale For: $899.95 
Bosch Jack 11335K
Bosch 35lb Demolition Breaker 1-1/8" Hex - JACK 11335KRegular Price: $1,906.00
On Sale For: $999.95 

Bosch 1-5/8" SDS-Max 13AMP Combination Rotary Hammer 11264EVSRegular Price: $1,126.00
On Sale For: $599.94 

Bosch 1-5/8" Spline 13AMP Combination Rotary Hammer 11265EVSRegular Price: $1,143.00
On Sale For: $599.94 

Bosch SDS-plus 3/4" Rotary Hammer 11250VSRRegular Price: $339.00
On Sale For: $179.94 

Bosch SDS-plus 3/4" Rotary Hammer with Dust Collection 11250VSRDRegular Price: $535.00
On Sale For: $289.95 

Bosch SDS-plus 5/8" Concrete Hammer Drill 11258VSRRegular Price: $309.00
On Sale For: $159.95 
Bosch Hammer Drill
Bosch 1/2" Dual Speed 8.5 Amp Torque Hammer Drill HD19-2Regular Price: $277.00
On Sale For: $149.95 
Bosch Hammer Drill
Bosch 1/2" Dual Speed 9.2 Amp Torque Hammer Drill HD21-2Regular Price: $333.00
On Sale For: $179.95 

We are proud to carry the best-selling hammers and hammer-drills made by Bosch Tools.  Bosch's hammers provide several key features which make them a favorite among professionals.  These features include Constant Response Circuitry, which provides a soft start and constant speed, as well as overload protection.  The Multi-Function Selector available on most of their products allows you to choose between 3 modes of operation, while the variable speed dial lets you adjust the speed for different chipping applications.  These are only a few of the features available, make sure to check out all their rotary hammers and hammer-drills, as well as their demolition hammers/breakers to see how Bosch can make your jobs quicker and easier.