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RIDGID Electrician - Crimping, Cutting & KnockOut

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RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool Kit 3 HEAD w/ Crimping, Cutting, and Knockout Heads 44343Regular Price: $5,270.00
On Sale For: $4,673.60 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool Kit 2 HEAD w/ Crimping and Cutting Heads 44348Regular Price: $4,625.00
On Sale For: $3,470.00 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool Kit 1 HEAD w/ Dieless Crimp Head 46828Regular Price: $3,810.00
On Sale For: $2,952.80 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool w/ Batteries and Charger 43518Regular Price: $2,250.00
On Sale For: $1,980.00 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool Bare Tool 46818Regular Price: $2,000.00
On Sale For: $1,760.00 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool Dieless Crimp Head 43548Regular Price: $1,720.00
On Sale For: $1,513.60 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool PH-60B Knockout Punch Head Only 47763Regular Price: $670.00
On Sale For: $589.60 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool PH-60B Punch Head Accessory Kit 47178Regular Price: $52.00
On Sale For: $45.76 
RIDGID electrician tool
RIDGID RE 6 Electrical Tool SC-60C Cutter Head with Copper/Aluminum Wire Blades 47918Regular Price: $850.00
On Sale For: $748.00 
RIDGID Knockout 1/2"-2" Hydraulic Kit w/Hand Pump HKO-186 23477Regular Price: $1,070.70
On Sale For: $963.63 
RIDGID Knockout 1/2"-4" Hydraulic Kit w/ Hand Pump HKO-1810 24587Regular Price: $2,006.15
On Sale For: $1,805.53 
Knockout Case
RIDGID Knockout KOPD-254 Punches and Dies Case 23492Regular Price: $1,186.20
On Sale For: $1,043.85 
Knockout Case
RIDGID Knockout KOPD-52 Punches and Dies Case 23487Regular Price: $459.45
On Sale For: $413.50 

Introducing the world's most versatile electrical tool. The RE 6 from RIDGID features the patent pending RIDGID quickChange system, allowing you to easily switch between heads for cutting, crimping, or punching. Now your most critical tasks can be accomplished with one innovative tool. No more back and forth to the truck, searching for different tools or sorting through cumbersome dies, inserts, and adaptors. Whether you're cutting wire, crimping lugs, or punching boxes, the RE 6 helps you maximize your productivity and efficiency on the jobsite.

The RE 6 can cut wire, crimp lugs, and punch boxes with just one tool via the patent-pending RIDGID QuickChange System. This 3-in-1 tool saves valuable cargo space and comes in a single, easy-to-carry plastic case. Inline design for easy, one-handed operation even in tight spots. Industry-leading service interval maximizes uptime on the job site. No cumbersome dies, inserts, or adapters. Head rotates 360º to add to the incredible versatility of the tool. Workspace illumination through a bright white LED light. This tool is also backed by RIDGID's limited lifetime warranty.

During crimping and cutting, the ram will automatically retract once the cycle is completed. Punching applications require the use of the release trigger. The RIDGID RE 6 works on the RIDGID 18V Advanced Lithium Ion Platform. Built in sensors and LED indicators ensure tool performance, allow the tool to operate in extreme temperatures, monitor battery life, and indicate when the tool needs service.

The scissor cutting head is designed for cutting up to 750 kcmil copper/aluminum building wire and 500 kcmil commper fine stranded wire or up to 477 kcmil ACSR. THe 4PIN Dieless Crimp Head features a slim latching system to get into tighter spaces. The 4PIN head is available for use with #8AWG copper lugs up to 750 kcmil and aluminum lugs up to 500 kcmil or fine stranded wire. The knockout punch head is designed for use with RIDGID and other commercially available punch dies. It is ideal for punching up to 3.5" holes in 12 gauge mild and 14 gauge stainless steel. Each head has an approximate cycle time of 5 seconds and offers a 360º head rotation for increased maneuverability in tight spaces.