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FallTech SRL Lifelines

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FallTech 138' Cable SRL 7212
FallTech 138' Cable SRL 7212
Regular Price: $1,979.00
On Sale For: $1,583.00 
SRL Cable
FallTech 20' Contractor SRL Cable 727620
Regular Price: $345.00
On Sale For: $276.00 
FallTech SRL Cable Self-Retracting Lifelines
FallTech 20' DuraTech Cable SRL 7227
Regular Price: $568.00
On Sale For: $454.40 
FallTech 20' Web SRL 7270WR
FallTech 20' Web SRL 7270WR
Regular Price: $377.00
On Sale For: $301.60 
FallTech 20' Web SRL 7276WR
Regular Price: $288.00
On Sale For: $230.40 
FallTech 20' Web SRL 7270KV
FallTech 20' Web SRL with Kevlar Webbing 7270KV
Regular Price: $479.00
On Sale For: $383.20 
SRL Cable
FallTech 30' Contractor SRL Cable 727630
Regular Price: $373.00
On Sale For: $298.40 
FallTech SRL Cable Self-Retracting Lifelines
FallTech 30' DuraTech Cable SRL 7232
Regular Price: $685.00
On Sale For: $548.40 
SRL Cable
FallTech 50' Contractor SRL Cable 727650
Regular Price: $497.00
On Sale For: $397.60 
FallTech SRL Cable Self-Retracting Lifelines
FallTech 60' DuraTech Cable SRL 7265
Regular Price: $822.00
On Sale For: $657.60 
FallTech SRL Cable Self-Retracting Lifelines
FallTech 98' DuraTech Cable SRL 7211
Regular Price: $1,415.00
On Sale For: $1,132.00 
FallTech SRL Web Self-Retracting
FallTech SRL 10' Web Self-Retracting Lifelines 8262
Regular Price: $169.00
On Sale For: $135.20 

Whether you find yourself in a window washing application or on top of a pitched roof, fall hazards are never far away. FallTech offers a variety of solutions for specific fall arrest situations with our offering of Vertical Lifelines, Rope Grabs and Roofers Kits. FallTech vertical lifelines are constructed of premium grade 8200lb filament and spun polyester over a polyolefin core that provides low elongation and long wear life, abrasion, UV and chemical resistance, and yet stays flexible and renders sure grip and glide through our rope grabs.

All of our Rope Grabs, whether manual or self-tracking, allow the user to move freely up and down the vertical lifeline while providing fall protection. These grabs are designed to react to a fall by locking on the lifeline and to begin the deceleration process when attached to 1 3' shock absorbing lanyard. FallTech’s Roofers Kits are the answer to fall protection when working on installing a roof. Our standard and deluxe kits are designed for both occasional and all-day/everyday use. Available in 30' and 50' lengths, FallTech provides a kit for the job at hand. All FallTech Lifelines, Rope Grabs and Roofer's Kits meet or exceed all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.