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FallTech Lanyards

FallTech Lanyards

The Shock Absorbing Lanyard is the active component of a Personal Fall Arrest System. Shock Absorbing Lanyards are part of a category of goods referred to as Connecting Devices, which are intended to connect the back D-ring of you Full Body Harness to the anchorage at your work position. In the event of a fall, a Shock Absorbing Lanyard will not only arrest the fall, preventing you from hitting the next lower level, they will reduce the forces of impact on your body.

Using a wide variety of materials such as polyester and aramid webbings, synthetic rope and steel cable, FallTech has over 100 different Lanyards available to address the specific challenges and hazards of your specific workplace. We also utilize a wide variety of connectors and lanyard configurations designed to give you flexibility while making safe connections when tying off.

FallTech also has a variety of positioning and restraint lanyards designed to prevent you from falling from your work position, giving you the ability to work hands free with complete security. All of our lanyards are designed to meet or exceed applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.