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Diamond Grinding and Surfacing

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Heavy Duty Orange Grinding Heads
Diamond 13HP Honda Concrete Grinder CC213H
Diamond 13 HP Honda Double Head Floor Grinder CC213HRegular Price: $6,139.00
On Sale For: $5,033.98 
Diamond 13HP Honda Concrete Grinding CC113H
Diamond 13 HP Honda Single Head Floor Grinder CC113HRegular Price: $4,013.00
On Sale For: $3,290.66 
Diamond Concrete Grinding
Diamond 2 HP - 1 PH 115V Baldor Electric Single Head Floor Grinder CC102E1 48551Regular Price: $3,454.00
On Sale For: $2,935.90 
Diamond CC202E1 Electric Dual Head Floor Grinder
Diamond CC202E1 2HP Electric Dual Head Floor Grinder 48555Regular Price: $5,002.00
On Sale For: $4,251.70 
Diamond CC275E3 Electric Dual Head Floor Grinder
Diamond CC275E1 7.5HP Electric Dual Head Floor Grinder 48556Regular Price: $7,259.00
On Sale For: $6,170.15 
Diamond CC82E-1 Single Head Floor Grinder
Diamond Single Head Floor Grinder CC82E-1 15072Regular Price: $3,046.00
On Sale For: $2,589.10 
Diamond Surface Grinder
Diamond 20.5 HP Honda 10" Walk Behind Grinder CG-1G24 08005Regular Price: $21,351.00
On Sale For: $18,148.35 
Diamond Surface Grinder
Diamond 49 HP Deutz Diesel 16" Walk Behind Grinder CG-2D49 08771Regular Price: $34,754.00
On Sale For: $29,540.90 

Floor Grinding Heads are effective on floors, streets, highways, sidewalks and more for cleaning, leveling, and smoothing bumps and uneven areas.  It also removes rain spots and epoxies.