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Bosch DareDevil Spade & Auger Bits

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Bosch DareDevil 3 Piece Spade Bit Set DSB5003Regular Price: $10.60
On Sale For: $7.42 

Bosch DareDevil 3 Piece Stubby Spade Set DSBS5003Regular Price: $9.60
On Sale For: $6.72 

Bosch DareDevil 6 Piece Spade Bit Set/Pch DSB5006PRegular Price: $21.82
On Sale For: $15.27 

Bosch DareDevil 6 Piece Stubby Spade Set DSBS5007PRegular Price: $18.18
On Sale For: $12.71 

Bosch DareDevil 7 Piece Spade Bit Set w/Ext DSB5005Regular Price: $20.96
On Sale For: $14.67 

Bosch DareDevil 13 Piece Spade Bit Set/Pch DSB5013PRegular Price: $45.67
On Sale For: $27.39 

Bosch DareDevil 6" Extension CD DSBE1006Regular Price: $4.53
On Sale For: $3.17 

Bosch DareDevil 12" Extension CD DSBE1012Regular Price: $5.67
On Sale For: $3.96 

The new Bosch spade bits however are almost like a different tool. The DareDevil bit pulls itself through wood without any effort at all which really makes repetitive drilling significantly easier especially at an angle or overhead.

The key to this performance is the patented design of the bit itself.  Many of the other wood drilling products come with a threaded tip for fast smooth feeding. A first for spades, Bosch has incorporated a full cone threaded tip, which has increased not only the speed of the bit, but also the ease of drilling.

Another patented feature of the DareDevil is the contoured paddle.  This wave-like shape speeds up chip removal, adding to the speed of the bit.  The combination of these two features creates astonishing results.  In independent testing, the DareDevil was 2.4x faster and required 53% less force than the Irwin Blue Groove*.