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Ajax Rivet Buster Chisels

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Ajax Jumbo Shank 12-1/2" Flat Rivet Buster Chisel 276-12Regular Price: $24.48
On Sale For: $22.25 

Ajax Jumbo Shank 9-1/2 Flat Side Cut Rivet Buster Chisel 277Regular Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $19.95 
Rivet Buster Point Chisel
Ajax Jumbo Shank Chisel 12" Moil Point Rivet Buster Chisel 297Regular Price: $23.54
On Sale For: $21.40 

Rivet Buster Chisels are used by the construction industry to cut rivet heads and knock out rivet bodies or for demolition tasks such as breaking concrete or mortar.