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Hydraulic Cylinders

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Cylinders - Single Acting Spring Return

Cylinders - Single Acting Low Profile

Cylinders - Single Acting Center Hole

Cylinders - Single Acting Load Return

Cylinders - Single Acting Threaded End

Cylinders - Single Acting Locking Collar

Cylinders - Double Acting High Cycle

Cylinders - Double Acting Low Cycle

Cylinders - Double Acting Center Hole

There are many types of Hydraulic Cylinders with many different purposes. High Tonnage cylinders can be used to lift bridges, buildings and structures weighing thousands of pounds. There are several important considerations when selecting a hydraulic cylinder. What is the tonnage, stroke length, does it need to push, pull or both, is it a stationary application like a shop press or mobile, is there a speed requirement, are there size constraints, is the load evenly balanced, what is the frequency of use and many more. If you need any help or advice the professionals at Ohio Power Tool will help you select the Cylinder and match it with the correct pump.